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How does the Keyless Protector work?
They Keyless Protector is a device, which protects car keys in order the theft of cars via keyless method. The basic features of the Keyless Protector are:

  • The active system monitors the surrounding of the key and automatically protects it when you move away from your vehicle. Thanks you that, you don’t have to remember about engaging the lock yourself.
  • The clip used to mount the device onto the battery of your car key makes the procedure non-invasive, so you can be sure that the warranty of your car stays intact. The assembly takes as much time as replacing the battery in your key.
  • To engage the key that is in your pocket or your bag, just tap it twice and enjoy using the keyless system in your car.
  • It’s the first device of that sort on the market. The Keyless Protector is protected by the European patent law.

How does the Keyless Protector affect your battery?
The Keyless Protector installed in your key does not affect the battery life in a negative way.
Does the device come with a warranty?
The Keyless Protector comes with a 2 year warranty of the manufacturer.

Legal protection of the product:
The device is protected by a patent application – WIPO ST10/CPL423797 and it holds a WE certificate.


  • Delivery time

The product is sent within 72 hours after an order is placed.

  • Shipment

The product is shipped and delivered by the DHL or the Hermes courier companies.

Assembly instructions and user manual
The assembly instruction for the Keyless Protector are available on the following webpage: http:/keylessprotector/com/pl/instrukcje
1. Open the key housing, take out the battery from the slot (in most cases it’s the CR2032 battery)
2. Mount the Keyless Protector onto the battery while matching the + and – symbols of the device and the battery
3. Insert the battery with the clip in the battery slot
4. If the battery does not fit its slot when the clip is mounted, replace the battery with a thinner version: CR2025 or CR2016
5. If necessary, glue the rectangular pressure foam (included in the set) to the clip next to the electronics.
6. Carefully close the key housing making sure that any protruding electronics are not damaged during that process. The key protection is now engaged.

The secured key should be kept in a pocket or a purse. When approaching the closed car, stop for a brief time (approx. 0,5 second) and then tap the area in which the key was placed. The interval between the taps should be 1 second ( +/- 0.2 s). The key is activated and the vehicle can be opened and started. After leaving the vehicle and closing the door the key protection will be engaged after 20-30 steps. Leaving the key motionless will activate the protection after 120 seconds.
The Keyless Protector comes with a 2 year warranty valid with a receipt. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage. Due to that, we advise careful assembly and disassembly, visit any centre specialised in replacing batteries in car keys or visit our authorised service centre. The list of our authorised service centres is available at: http:/ Please, be aware that car thieves use various methods and no equipment/device can guarantee 100% protection against thieves or robbers. – Protect your car!
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