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Assembly Instructions


The films on our website only show a general picture of the installation and operation of the device.

Be sure to read the installation instructions. Only the correct installation and condition of the device allow a perfect function.

-Open the key fob, remove the battery from the holder (most of the time this is a CR2032 battery)

-Keyless Protector Clip on the battery, paying attention to the + and – poles of the battery as well as the clip

-Install the battery together with the attached clip in the place provided for holding the battery

-If the battery and the attached clip do not fit inside the case, replace the battery with a thinner one: CR2025, CR2032 or CR2016.

Keyless Protector is a universal device and fits any key type. Keys have only differing battery thicknesses (eg CR2032, CR2025, CR2016) battery brackets.

It is important that the device is pressed well, the current flows through it. If necessary, please stick the second pressure sponge to the first one.

– Be sure to close the key housing and make sure that the protruding electronic elements have not been damaged during the closing process. The key is secured from this point on.

-After the device has been correctly installed, the key is split.

From this moment you can not open the car with the key.

Place the secured key in your pocket or purse. When approaching the closed vehicle, you should stop for a moment. The key is activated and allows the vehicle door to be opened as well as the engine starting only after knocking. The device sensor detects the smallest movements. It is right to stay motionless. The time between the first and second knock should be 1 second (+/- 0.2 s). After leaving the vehicle and closing the door, it is sufficient to walk about 20-30 paces to secure the key again. If the key does not move, it will automatically lock after about 180 seconds.

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